45 Best Free Photoshop Actions in 2022 (Updated Weekly)

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Photoshop is a fantastic piece of software. Many photographers and creatives use it to make the most out of their works.

Because it has so many possibilities, it can sometimes take hours to get the right result. Use these free Photoshop actions to save a lot of time.

A screenshot of Free Dark and Haunted Photoshop Actions

This is an excellent set of actions for those who like gloomy atmospheres. You’ll get 6 general effects and 2 extra tools to enhance your photos further. The general effects are all mean to make your photos look as moody as possible. You can even use them to enhance your black & white images.

TIP: To have access to download links on DeviantART, you need to be a registered user. Registration is completely free and should take only a minute of your time. A few of the actions on this list are available on DeviantART only, so it might be a good idea to sign up beforehand.

A portrait of a father and daughter splitscreen to show before and after using Free Instagram Photoshop Actions

Instagram is known for its special in-app filters. These 6 actions re-create the most popular Instagram looks. This is a great way to add consistency to your lifestyle, portrait, or landscape photography.

This set of actions is versatile, so you can use it to enhance all kinds of pictures. You can even use it to make your indoor photos look more appealing!

Screenshot of Free Winter Blues Photo Effect Actions

Winter blues usually have a negative connotation, but that’s not the case here. This is a set of free Photoshop actions that will let you experiment with all kinds of cool photo effects.

These actions can make any winter photo look dramatic and atmospheric. You don’t need to limit yourself to winter photos only, though. You can use these free actions to get rid of warm tones in any image.

Screenshot of Free Powder Explosion Photoshop Action

Flour is a standard prop in dance photography. Combined with movement, it can add a whole new level of drama to your images. This action can create a flour explosion without making you do all the work. It works best with clean photos taken in a studio. The more movement there is, the better!

If you use this action for free, you need to credit the designer.

Diptych fantasy portrait before and after using Photoshop Action - Cinematic Rain Effects

This action is ideal for nighttime photos with lots of shadows. It will fill empty space with rain and fog. It will also slightly colour correct your image to give it a haunting atmosphere.

This isn’t something you can use in every shot, but it’s perfect for creative projects.

Night to Twilight Photoshop Action

This is a free Photoshop action for nighttime photographers. It will lighten dark skies and make it seem like your photos were taken at twilight.

There’s a paid version of the action that will give you access to customisable Photoshop actions. However, the free version is good enough for those who want a subtle but effective transformation.

Sweet Cupid Tinted B&W Photoshop Action

If you’re a fan of nostalgic looks, this Photoshop action will make your creative dreams come true.

This is a single action that will convert your photos to black & white and give them a pink tint. The results look soft and romantic, which is perfect for wedding photos.

Aquamarine Dreams Photoshop Actions

Aquamarine Dreams will give your photos a fresh and dreamy look. It’s ideal for spring or winter photos as it can enhance the cool tones that are already there. You can use it to edit portraits, but make sure you use the mask layer to restore your subject’s skin colour. If you don’t, their skin might end up looking dull.

This belongs to the same person who made the previous Photoshop action. You can find hundreds of free Photoshop actions on her blog.

Free Mermaid Actions

If you’re a landscape photographer who loves vibrant colours, this free Photoshop action set is for you. It will add a pop of colour to your images.

There’s a cool turquoise tone and a romantic pink tone, depending on the atmosphere you want to create. You’ll end up with vibrant results and a tinted vignette.

screenshot of Sunny Photoshop Actions

These free Photoshop actions will make any image look like it was taken during the golden hour. There are 3 effects you can choose from, all of which will give your photos a look that’s similar to the reference image. You’ll also get one adjustment action and an extra surprise!

Your final images should look sharp, warm, and ethereal.

Screenshot of Free Van Gogh Art Photoshop Action

This is a unique Photoshop action for fans of the oil painting look. It will turn any image into something that resembles famous oil paintings by Van Gogh himself!

The action is quite complex, so you’re likely to end up with many layers. Fortunately, you’ll have access to each layer, so you can adjust each setting to make your photos look as creative as possible.

This is a sample set of free Photoshop actions for lifestyle, family, and portrait photographers.

It works very well with backlit photos. It will add vibrance, get rid of cool tones, and mute highlights.

Watercolour Photoshop actions are very popular in the creative photography industry. This free Photoshop action was made for photographers who love this effect. It will transform any image into something that strongly resembles a watercolour painting.

This is a great action for those who want to make creative photos for their clients or make their portfolios stand out more.

This action will help you achieve that old analogue effect. It will make any image look like it was taken in a completely different time period.

This action’s effects are very subtle. Because of this, you can use it to enhance almost any kind of photo.

Do you like making photos look old and textured? This Photoshop action will help you achieve that in a few simple clicks.

Nothing But Memories action is for photographers who want to give their digital photos a faded analogue look. You can use it in any genre of photography, but it might work best with landscape, still life, and portrait photos.

This action is an Adobe original. It was originally made by BlackNull, a well-known digital artist.

This is one of the most complex Photoshop actions on this list. It will make any image look like it was designed by a graphic artist. As Adobe describes in the post, the action is infinitely customisable and can help you take your design work to the next level. Make sure you go through the tutorial to avoid making mistakes.

High-key photography has more highlights than shadows. It’s ideal for commercial, portrait, and even landscape photography. You can use it to make your subjects look optimistic and eye-catching.

If you want to make a simple image pop, all you need is this free Photoshop action by Mark Galer. It’s an action set that comes with 2 variations to make customisation easier. Just make a few clicks, and you’re done!

This is another free Photoshop action by Mark Galer. This focuses more on effects than colour correction.

Multiplicity will create a distorted look in your images. As Mark Galer describes, it will make it seem like you have triple vision. This works best with photos that feature architecture or intricate designs. The more details there are, the more interesting your final results will look!

Daguerreotypes introduced much of the public to photography. They were high in contrast and gave their models a haunting look. Some of them had a yellowish tint. This Photoshop action is inspired by all of that.

Given the nature of daguerreotypes, this action will work best with portraits.

A screenshot from Pop Art Photoshop Actions

Pop art gained popularity in the 1950s. It’s vibrant and has a comic book feel to it. Back in the day, it was made to lift people’s spirits during a gloomy time in history.

You can achieve a similar effect by using one of these free Photoshop actions. They’re highly customisable, so you can edit them as much as you like once the action does its work.

Waterfall diptych photo showing before and after editing with Free Photoshop Actions – Forest Waterfalls LITE

This is an exclusive set of free Photoshop actions for landscape photographers. More specifically, it’s for landscape photographers who shoot forests, waterfalls, rivers, and so on.

These actions will give your photos a boost of colour and sharpness. The results are meant to be subtle and natural. You’re likely to save a lot of time thanks to these actions.

Screenshot of Free Space Photoshop Effect Action

This free Photoshop action will give your images a galactic feel. Your subject will stand out amongst a sky full of stars, vibrant lights, and smoke.

This action is suitable for creative projects and design work. It’s guaranteed to make your photos stand out from the rest.

Screenshot of Free Orange and Teal Photoshop Actions

Orange and teal are colours that work wonderfully together. You might have seen them in popular photographers’ images. They’re often used in lifestyle, portrait, and landscape photography. This vibrant duo is meant to give your photos a surreal and dreamy look.

This is a set of five free Photoshop actions that are inspired by orange and teal. There are different variations that are meant to work well with any kind of photograph.

Hologram Photoshop Action

Science-fiction movies and TV shows like to feature holograms very often. They’re effective thanks to their vibrance and sharpness.

This Photoshop action will make any photo look like it belongs in a science-fiction movie. All you need to do is brush over your subject. The action will do the rest.

Fusion Photoshop Action

Sometimes, all you need to do is add a pop of colour to your images. The right kind of colour correction can make a significant difference in your work. A few simple edits can make your image worthy of being featured in magazines, on book covers, and in posters.

This action is made for anyone who wants to have a simple but effective editing workflow. It will quickly enhance your pictures within a few seconds. Based on the examples, it seems to be ideal for portrait and fashion photographers.

A screenshot of Sepia Photoshop Filter

This free Photoshop action will give your photos a brown tint with yellow highlights. It’s ideal for creating nostalgic monochrome images.

One of the best things about this action is that you don’t need to download it to test its effects. You can upload a sample image on the website and instantly see what your picture would look like in Photoshop.

You’ll get more customisation options when you download the action, but this is a great way to save time.

Blur Background Photoshop Action

A blurred background can make your subject stand out more. It can also get rid of distractions and add depth to your image.

This action will help you achieve this. It comes with three variations, depending on how intense you want your background to look. After you apply the action, all you need to do is mask out your subject so that only a part of your photo is blurred.

A screenshot showing 15 Free Boudoir Photoshop Actions

If you’re a boudoir photographer, you know how important it is to make your model look as appealing as possible. This can be difficult to achieve if you have a deadline and a messy editing workflow.

These free Photoshop actions are made specifically for romantic boudoir photography. They’ll give your images a soft, hazy, and dreamy feel. There are even a few black & white options if you’re a fan of monochrome.

Screenshot showing Free PS Actions for Portrait, Wedding & Newborn

This is a set of 12 free Photoshop actions that are perfect for portrait, newborn, and wedding photos. Each action is taken from the creator’s premium collections. This is a great opportunity to try out their resources for free.

There’s one action in the set that’s not available in any of their exclusive products!

Mini Fusion Free Photoshop Action

This is a simple but effective action by MCP Actions. It’s perfect for family, newborn, and portrait photographers. It will give your image a boost of colour.

Mini Fusion works best with flat photos that lack vibrance.

Cross processing comes from the darkroom. It used to be very popular in fashion photography. It’s also known as Xpro. The photographer processes their film in chemicals produced for a different type or brand of film.

The results are unpredictable but often look very cool. With these free Photoshop actions, you can simulate this effect in your digital photos.

Free Duotone Photoshop Actions

Duotone is very popular in graphic design. It looks modern and timeless. If you’re looking for a way to combine photography and graphic design, these free Photoshop actions are perfect.

This set features some excellent duotone effects. Use them to take your graphics to the next level and produce cool artwork. Experiment with different colors and fonts to create something unique.

Free Lifestyle Photoshop Actions

If you’re into lifestyle and design, these are the free Photoshop actions you’re looking for. This is the set you need to take your social media photos to the next level. Especially if you’re an Instagram influencer.

Get the look you want with a few clicks. This set, however, is not a one-trick-pony. You can use them for creative adventure, portrait, and landscape photography as well.

40 Free Pastel Effect Photoshop Actions screenshot

Pastel is hip these days. Soft colors are popular among photographers, bloggers, and graphic designers. This is an awesome set of free Photoshop actions to turn your photos into beautiful pastel artworks.

It includes 40 different effects that can be used to impress your social media friends. These PS actions work well with most Photoshop versions.

Screenshot of Free Retro Photoshop Action Pack

Get this Photoshop action set to add a retro flavour to your photos. The retro look is great for creative portraits. It might also fit automotive photography and a whole lot more.

Try it out on a few photos. I’m sure you’ll like it for various genres of photography.

Film Light Leak Effect Action - free photoshop actions

Light leaks are still popular in many types of photography. This free Photoshop action pack simulates light leaks from the film days. A light leak occurs when there is a small crack through which extra (unwanted) light leaks in.

The extra light exposes the film. It creates surprising colors and effects. It’s perfect for social media. You can make your ordinary photos perfect for Instagram in a few clicks.

Free Skin Retouching Photoshop Action

Here’s another set of free photoshop actions to make editing portrait photos easier. Use these actions for your portrait photography and save a lot of time.

This Photoshop action does all your necessary skin smoothing. This set works best with fashion portraits.

Animated Glitch Photoshop Action - best free photoshop actions

This free Photoshop action will add movement to your photos. Explore your own creativity and add a unique glitching effect. This action turns your photos into an animated GIF with a cool moving effect.

It’s a great choice to create quirky animated graphics.

Aesthetic Vintage Wedding Action

Wedding photographers can also benefit from free Photoshop actions. This action will make your wedding photos look like stylish vintage photos. That style was and is still popular in wedding photography.

This bundle contains professional, elegant, color-enhancing actions. They will add beautiful colors to your pictures. Both seasoned pros and enthusiasts will love using these.

Fairy Free Photoshop Actions

Here’s a great action-pack for baby and family photography. These free Photoshop actions offer a collection of lively pastel filters. Use them to apply soft coloured filters to your photos of babies and kids.

You can also use these creative effects for blogging or Instagram. Moreover, it could totally work for food photographers as well.

Royal Wedding Pro Free Photoshop Actions

Do you like to shoot outdoor weddings? These free Photoshop actions offer a simple filter for wedding photos. Add great colours and tones in just a few clicks.

It’s optimised for outdoor photos and adds a unique look to every wedding. The contrast and colors in your photos will pop like never before.

Natural Light Landscape Photoshop Action

Not only portrait photographers have a difficult job editing photos. Landscape photography is not easy. Sometimes, it takes hours to get the right shot. This free Photoshop action pack manages to save you a lot of hard work in post-production.

Adjust the exposure, tones, brightness, and more to take your landscapes to the next level.

Free Glitch Photoshop Action - best free photoshop actions

Can’t get enough of that glitch effect action? Here’s another one.

This 80s glitch effect looks great on any artwork. It’s easy to use, and you’ll impress everybody in no time!

5 Skin Retouching Photoshop Actions screenshot - best free photoshop actions

If you’re a portrait photographer then you’ll know retouching is hard. You can’t go too far, or your photos will look unnatural.

This set is all about smoothening skin and beauty retouching. It will make your work a lot easier and faster.

You’ll have to pay for the full version, but the free Photoshop actions include a few must-have tools for portraits.

Free Color Pop Photoshop Action

Do you feel like your photos are missing something? This free Photoshop action will make the colors in boring photos pop. Add brightness and make those image lively and vibrant.

The free bundle includes 20 Lightroom presets and 20 Photoshop actions. With a few clicks, you’ll bring your photos to life.


Don’t let the countless possibilities of Photoshop intimidate you. A lot of people have done the work for you by creating these free Photoshop actions.

Add cool effects to your photos in a few clicks and make your editing process a lot easier and faster. Most actions will work with any version of Adobe Photoshop.

When you’re done experimenting with these free Photoshop actions, why not create some actions yourself? Photoshop actions can reduce the time you spend editing your photos.

Looking for more creative inspiration? Check out how to create a matte look in Lightroom or Photoshop. Have a look at our Lightroom Preset Collection too!