Professional High-Definition Screen and Game Recorder

Action! enables users to record their live video experiences with an unsurpassed level of quality. Not only is it great for gamers, but other applications features include Windows fullscreen or region screen recording, capturing screenshots, saving web player videos and recording music for future playback. High frame rates and a user-friendly integration further highlight the benefits of this truly one-of-a-kind package.

A Detailed Look at Mirillis Action!

Action! is a highly intuitive screen recorder that enables users to perform various functions within a centralized platform. One of the first useful features is that real-time recordingcan take place when a video is streaming or a game is being played. Even if the user switches back and forth between screens, quality and frame rates will not be compromised.

Besides this stand-alone recording capability, this program allows gameplay streaming to other devices and online sources. Three common examples here include Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. This is known as the Action! LIVE streaming option and it has proven to be very popular.

In terms of digital quality, there is little left to the imagination thanks to professional-grade hardware acceleration. This games utility employs Full-HD/4k 60p recording capabilities that are encoded directly into an MP4 format. Mirillis Action! files are encoded using the latest hardware acceleration technologies like AMD APP, NVIDIA NVENC and Intel Quick Sync Video. Extremely smooth videos can be recorded while their file size will not take up much space on a hard drive.

Interface and Usability

One of the major advantages of this package when compared to a similar utility such as Gameshow is the fact that it is equipped with a highly intuitive interface. So, the user will not have to be extremely proficient in screen recording in order to enjoy its benefits. A built-in video manager displays basic functions such as deleting, sharing, browsing and uploading.

An easy-to-understand layout will highlight the number of recordings present as well as the total file size of the group. The right-hand side of the screen lists various functions including the current file format, the video size and the frame rate. All of these can be adjusted as may be necessary. There is a settings menu found at the top right-hand corner providing a lot of additional features in an easy and transparent way using settings tabs. User can easily add webcam video, microphone commentary or custom logo to game or screen video recordings. This presentation is excellent for those who are wary about getting involved with more complicated platforms.

Putting It All Together

Mirillis Action! is quite similar to other products and software of the same author in terms of its efficiency and its very user-friendly nature. When we take into account the fact that multiple file formats are supported and the user has the ability to record while he or she is actively watching or taking part in a video, the benefits before clear. A final benefit to mention here is that there are a number of online tutorials available for those who might still have additional questions.