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Anime Studio Pro download torrent of the most popular program for creating two-dimensional animation. This is a very popular application designed to help any user with their animation tasks. Create any 2D vector graphics even if you are a beginner. The program will teach you how to create masterpieces that you never even dreamed of. The Pro version is the most complete product, providing full support for all resources, tools, mechanisms and options of the program.

Program features

Anime Studio Pro is the most complete version of the franchise, able to easily beat the competition from similar programs. There is unlimited functionality, a bunch of tools, various special effects, animations, sound support and a special technology of nodal points. Such programs use Bezier-style curved points in their repertoire, but here the developers came up with something innovative, high-tech, which no application has yet encountered. Take a look at vector graphics in a new way, from a completely different angle. In addition, it has never been so easy to understand animation. 2D animation reaches a new level and you become a witness of this action. The app can be used on both PCs and graphics tablets. The Pro version fully supports these tablets by adding various pen and multi-touch plugins. All structural elements smoothly flow from one frame to another, while numerous animations are presented in the form of layers. This is both raster graphics and vector graphics. It uses the backbone of three-dimensional objects, 3D space and other similar graphical parameters. As for kinematics, which is very important for such applications, it is presented here in two forms: direct and inverse. And this is quite enough to create a real masterpiece. The program does not require a high level of user training, so any beginner can install it. In the course of work, you will have to deal with the tools by trial and error. The application works very cool with automation. You can give most of the tasks to this software, and focus on some more global things yourself. Download the Anime Studio Pro torrent and install an application that will help you create some kind of next masterpiece.

Software processes

If you are an ordinary amateur, a user who uses such a program for the first time, then you can be content with a large set of elements inside the software. But suddenly you are a programmer, you can easily create scripts for this application and work with original and unique projects. This is all possible thanks to the Lua programming language. Also, you can add scripts from Lua to the internal libraries of the application, which have already been created by other users and are freely available on the Internet. Export completed work to SWF or PNG, two of the most popular formats for designers. The Pro version did a great job of refining and eliminating many of the bugs that appeared in the previous parts of the series. Here we fixed problems with the Paint Bucket and Insert Text modes (especially with Russian characters).

Anime Studio Pro Features

  • chic animation;
  • creation of masterpieces;
  • raster and vector graphics;
  • many functions, options, tools;
  • built-in Lua programming language;
  • writing your own scripts;
  • adding many libraries;
  • export and import of files;
  • dynamic design.

Download the Anime Studio Pro torrent and get familiar with one of the best programs in this genre.

System requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 10