GUI Designer | IntelliJ IDEA

Generate GUI into

This option specifies what kind of output the GUI Designer generates for the visual forms you create.

If your build actions are delegated to Gradle, GUI Designer will not generate Java source code.

The available settings are:

  • Binary class files. This is the default option. When selected, no Java source code is generated for GUI forms and components. When the project compiles, IntelliJ IDEA creates the necessary compiled runtime classes.

  • Java source files.If this option is selected, the GUI Designer writes Java source code for the form and its components to the source file of the class to which the form is bound, on compiling, running or debugging. During compilation, two blocks of code are added to the form’s class:

    • A private method $$$setupUI$$$() that contains the GUI initializer code for the bound form and its components.

    • A call to the $$$setupUI$$$() method.

    Do not change the generated method, or call it from any other code. If you manually modify GUI initializer code, your UI will no longer be in sync with the .form file, and the next compilation will overwrite your changes.