Softonic review

Automate boring, repetitive tasks

Action(s) is a Java-based application that allows you to automate various tasks. If you have boring, repetitive tasks like resizing images to do, Action(s) can be set up to help.

A cross-platform application, Action(s) makes creating automated workflows surprisingly simple. On the interface’s left is a list of actions, grouped by category. The categories cover everything from email and internet, to files and folders. In each category there are a variety of actions. You drag these into the main frame to begin your work flow.

Simple batch resizing could be done by adding ‘Ask for Pictures’, then ‘Resize Images’ finishing with ‘Display Results’, for example. But there are a huge range of tasks you could automate, including folder backups and downloading all images from a web page. When you’re building your workflows, Action(s) tells you if you’re making a mistake, or if you are perhaps missing a step. It’s easy to experiment with and very accessible.

You can save your workflows, and put them as icons on your desktop so they are always at hand. The Action(s) app has to be installed to run the workflows you create, but it’s hard to complain about that when it’s such an easy to use program compared to most automation applicatoins.

Action(s) is a fantastic automation app for beginners, that it powerful and flexible enough to keep most users happy.