Alien Shooter Download (Last Version) Free PC Game Torrent

Arcade shooter with a strategic view – Alien Shooter Is one of the most famous alien games in which you have to clear a military complex where aliens have taken their positions long ago. The developers have made 10 extensive levels with transitions between locations, where you can buy or add weapons, armor or some kind of explosive “tricks” to the main character.

At the beginning of the game, you have to choose the gender of your character. A man will have a lot of health and stamina, and a woman will shoot sharper and more accurately. To destroy monsters in different ways, each level of the monsters will “fall” weapons, with which you advance further. Another way to get it is to buy from special machines. You will also have to buy cartridges. Gradually increasing the level of difficulty, the developers added tasks: install explosives, mine a bomb, turn on the power supply at the military complex.

Character stats increase every time you place implants. They can add health, stamina, accuracy, and increase the level of agility and strength. Such augmentations are scattered throughout each level. It is important to find them.

We fell in love with the RPG Alien Shooter arcade game for the fact that it does not have the notorious plot of destroying someone: despite the fact that we only do what we kill, the plot manages to reveal itself to the hero and us. Since we play as a paratrooper, then our role is the last: either we will make and free people from the aliens, or we will die here, together with them.

At the end of the game, the developers show a hint of a sequel: they show the first hole that the protagonist makes to get into the building, and we see a small alien running through this hole..

The player will have enough weapons, but buying them improves our opponents. From a simple revolver to a full-fledged rocket launcher or machine gun. You can buy a special attack drone.