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AiTi-AptechTrnh by:Nguyn ThanhNam
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php trong PHP AJAXMusic website using PHP &
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wasone[…]CultureofLifeWws100} , vt’ars i Leadership PHP l g? M
hnh hot ng Lch s pht trin L do s dng Cc con sPHP l g ? PHP c pht
trin t ngn ng kch bn (script) vi mc ch xy dng trang Web c nhn
(Personal Home Page).Sau c pht trin thnh mt ngn ng hon chnh v c a
chung trn ton th gii trong vic pht trin cc ng dng Web based PHP
(PHP: Hypertext Perprocessor) l ngn ng kch bn lp trnh pha my ch
(server-side) ph bin nht th giiCOMPUTEREDUCATI ONwww. aiti-aptech.
edu.vnAPTECHTMyear* Leadership PHP thng hot ng theo th t sau:1.Ngi
dng gi yu cu ln my ch2.My ch x l yu cu (Thng dch m PHP v chy chng
trnh, m PHP c th truy xut CSDL, to hnh nh, c ghi file, tng tc vi my
ch khc…)3.My ch gi d liu v cho ngi dng (thng l di dng HTML)ApLeth
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me/ catoMmlYour desktop PCInternet4*’s t tip : //vwflxampli jMfli
/oatj k>g/yjk.phpWb Serverwwv/.exampl&cm Web ServerAplech^ L
ch s pht trinyean oi Leadership PHPc pht trin nm1994, bao gm cc
macro cho trang Web c nhn (Personal Home Page) bi Rasmus Lerdorf.
PHP 2 (1995) nng cp thm mt vi chc nng mi hon thin hn so vi phin bn
u tin. (H tr Database, file upload, array, conditionals, iteration,
regular expressions…)COMPUTEREDUCATI ONWWW. aiti-aptech.
edu.vnAPTECHTMApteih^ L ch s pht trinyean oi Leadership PHP 3
(1998) c pht trin vi b dch mi vi tc nhanh hn v khc phc nhng nhc im
trong phin bn trc y bi Zeev Suraski v Andi Gutmans. Phin bn ny cn h
tr thm ODBC v cc hm lm vic vi giao thc email (SMTP,IMAP ). PHP 4
(2000) Nng cp b dch hon thin hn vi vic h tr nhiu tnh nng bo mt
trong PHP. B dch c i tn thnh Zend Engine. PHP 5 (2004) c nng cp ln
Zend Engine II vi kh nng lpt^^rng i tng.APTECHCOMPUTEREDUCATI
ONWWW. aiti-aptech .eu.vnAplrdl t,ctebrJ t(* L ch s pht trinvtan oi
LcadcrshipTnh n thng 7 nm 2007 PHP c s dng trn 20,917,850 domain
vi1,224,183 IP address.PHPUsagefor J ul2007APTECHCOMPUTEREDUCATI
ONwww. aiti-aptech. eu.vnL do s dng1.D dng s dngCode php c nhng
ngay trong code HTML. PHP code s c nm trong mt cp th c bit iu ny
gip trnh x l d dng phn bit code php so vi code HTML.


echo “Hi, I’m a PHP script!”;

Short ASP Script tags cscriptlanguage=php>

* Nn dng kiu standardAPTECHCOMPUTEREDUCATI ONWWW. aiti-aptech.
edu.vnCu phap trong PHP.tan. udLeadershipChu thich trong PHP

This is a PHP program

11j,’iULI1UUIM.fl&Cu phap PHPMtarsid Leadership Ajax in
depth Nicholas Peter Mannng Pro PHP Paul c.Zakas FirstNew y ears
oLrjdrrvhip5. nh dng d liu XML XML l inh dang chun cho cc dich vu
Web o XML thc t chm hn khi truyn so vi Plain Text v JSON Cu trc
XMLd hiu nhng khng n gin xy dng Gp phi vn tng thch trnh duyt khi
parse vn bn XML Trong mi trng hp, xem xt s dng Plain Text,Cp
Attribute /Value hoc JSON,sau mi ti XMLveanoLeadershi p5. nh dng d
liu JSONJSON -Javascript Object Notion -JSON.org nh dng d liu
lightweight Gia trn c php JavaScript (Array v Object literals)JSON
cho php chuyn cc i tng Javascriptthnh cc chui c th gi cng http
request.JSON c h tr bi hu ht cc ngn ng, vi PHP : JSON.php thnh phn
th vin h tr encode/decode nh dng chui sang PHP Object v ngc liThn
thin vi Developer, n nh, c chp nhn rng riAPTECH5. Dinh dang dir
lieu JSONo var people ={“programmers”:[{“firstName”:”Brett”,
“lastName”:”Hunter},{“firstName”:”Elliotte”, “lastName”:”Harold
}],”authors”: [{“firstName”:”Isaac”, “lastName”:”Asimov”,”genre”:
“Sciencefiction” },{“firstName”:”Tad”, “lastName”:”Williams”,
“genre”: “fantasy”},{“firstName”:”Frank”, “lastName”:”Peretti”,
“genre”: “Christian fiction”}], “musicians”:[{“firstName”:”Eric”,
“lastName”:”Clapton”, “instrument”:
“guitar”},{“firstName”:”Sergei”, “lastName”:”Rachmaninoff”,
“instrument”: “piano”}]5. inh dang d liu JSONo Truy cp v thay i d
liupeopl e. pr ogr ammer s[ 0] . l ast Name;peopl e. pr ogr ammer
s[ 0] . l ast Name= “Boss”; Chuyn mng thnh stringj sonText = J SON.
st r i ngi f y( peopl e) ; Chuyn i tng thnh stringj sonText = J
SON. st r i ngi f y( aper son) ;year LeadershipDemo Ajax &
edu.vnwww.netvibes.comyears Leadership6.Ajax, Widget, v
WebservicesWeb 2.0 -Web l nn tng gm nhiu dch y (Web-services)M a p
s , Search, Desktop,Picasa, Sitemaps, Geo,OpenSocial
Adwords,Finance, Calendar, Authentication,Ajax Search, Ajax
Language, Ajax Feed, Visualization, 03D, Book, GoogleEarth, Blogger
Data, Google Basedel.icio.us, Finance, flickr, Hot Jobs, Maps,
Merchant Solutions,Music,Design Patterns, RSS Feeds, Search,
SearchMarketing, Shopping, Travel, Traffic,upcoming.org,Ul library,
weather,webjay,Widgets, JS Developer Center,PHP Developer CenterH x
n o o f , DEVELOPERNETWORKG pQ eCodeApLeth Lckbutcsi ‘ ivtfan. oi
LeadershipAjaxWidget, v Webservicesinbox >+ < day ?1<
dayfc>< Tveat her >Weather.com response co dinh dang XML
hoac JSONwww. aiti-aptechedu.vnA plrdl ccfcbfiilESvtan
oiLeadershipAjax6.Ajax, Widget, v WebservicesDemo Ajax & JSON
Web serviceMakeY!MyHomepageY a H o O Itr a v e lHomeResear cht r a
v elg u id e s BookDeal sMyTravel * ThemesSEARCH TRAVEL:FindIt
FastSearchhere for cheap airline tickets,hotels,carscruisesand
vacationsAVERTI SEMENTHotels Cars I VacationsI| Cruises Fl i
ghts(?)Flight Only0 Flight * Hotel Book together 5 Si
FROMHANQne-Wav. Multi-City. More…DEPART RETURN05/18/09B ;05/25/09
H jgyyilToday’sPicksforY ahoOOoo! cOolTravelingfr.orrr Hanoi,
Vietnam ICiiBrge Location | SHOWME My Recommendat i ons’Mi ami .FL
CaboSanLucas.Mexi coToday’s Deals$485 – Riu Ocho Riosall-incl4-nt
trip w/flight BeachDestinations.com $98US flight saleMajor Airlines
$87- Swank Conrad Miamiwithbay-view-Yahoo Travel Web Services (Ajax
& J SON)-Keywords :[japan SearchJ apan (Kansai)We landed at
KansaiInternational in the afternoon, and made our way to Kyoto by
the J R limited express train. Too late and too tired to explore
the temples,wewalkedfromKyotoStationtothehotelpassingHigashi
Honganjii. Thehotel,Ikoi-no-ieisasmallguesthouse I minkishu.with
spotlessrooms.J apandoesnthavedaylightsavingstime,sothe sunrise is
early. Consequently, we wokeup at 5am and walked down to Toji
templemarket. On the way we passedNishi Honganjiand walked under
therailroad tracks. The market was just opening as we got there.
The guidebooks we’d read advised us to …Yokoso! J apan!PROLOGUE I
ammaking this journal to hopefully’ inspire people tograb their bag
and travel around the world This was my first trip aloneoutside of
Canada,its a hastily planned trip so there werea lot of things that
Iveoverlooked like when to go, budget, memory cards, souvenirs – to
name a few. I hadno soliditerinary until I got to Matsumoto where I
decided to go Castle hunting.On largecities Istayed inBusiness
Hotels,on smaller ones in Ryokan (traditional inn)-with private
facilities as I wake up early tobeat thecrowds.Ihighly
recommendstayinginaryokan.Ihadno problem co…APTECHCOMPUTEREDUCATI
ONWWW. aiti-aptech. edu.vnvean o Lrjdrrvhip7. Ajax ToolkitsThit k v
xy dng cc ng dng Ajax vi Ajax Toolkits(Frameworks,
Libraries…)< 9yean. oi Leadership7. Ajax ToolkitsBindowsRich
internet Application DevelopmentFrameworkmoo roofsQuen/ wr i t
*less,do more.dojoASfinetAJAXO Ext JSprototypeYU
ILibraryDWRAPTECHCOMPUTEREDUCATI ONwww. aiti-aptech. edu.vnyears o
Leadership7. Ajax Toolkits u im ca cc th vin AjaxSng gi sn cc phng
thc/i tng STng thch trnh duyt (Cross-Browser)SGim chi ph pht trin
cc ng dng RIA SH tr cc hiu ng Javascript (animation, drag sThao tc
vi DOM d dng7. Ajax Toolkits Cn xem xt cc yu t kh chn la th vin
Ajax ‘S H tr Server-driven hay Client driven ‘S Giy php m – Open
Licensinghay $$$’S Ti liu h tr, demos ‘S Cng ng pht trin ‘S Mc
abstraction hay highlevel ‘S Ngn ng hng ti (C#, PHP, Python, Java)
‘S C kh nng pht trin khng.years oiLeadership7. Ajax
ToolkitsPrototype Library $(‘id_of_element’)->
document.getElementByld() $F() -> get Value of element
Object-oriented extensionsAPTECHCOMPUTEREDUCATI ONytare ui LrjiJ ef
ship7. Ajax ToolkitsX l Ajax Request/Response n ginf unct i oncr
eat eRequest ( ur l ) {var xhr = newAj ax. Request ( ur l , { met
hod: 1get 1 fonCompl et e:showResponse});}f unct i onshowResponse(
xhr ) {$( ‘ di v’ ) . i nner HTML= xhr . r esponseText ;}ytare ui
Lrji Jef ship7. Ajax ToolkitsX l Ajax Request/Response n ginf unct
i oncr eat eRequest ( ur l ) {var xhr = newAj ax. Request ( ur l ,
{ met hod: 1get 1 fonCompl et e:showResponse});}f unct i
onshowResponse( xhr ) {$( ‘ di v’ ) . i nner HTML= xhr . r
esponseText ;}ApLediLdctHjIc’.4 r *Event . obser ve( wi ndow, ‘ l
oad’ , i ni t , f al se) ;f unct i oni ni t ( ) {Event . obser ve(‘
bt nBut t on’,’ cl i ck’ , makeRequest , f al se) ;}f unct i
onmakeRequest(){var xhr = newAj ax.Request (” hel l op. php”, { met
hod: ‘ get ‘ , onCompl et e: showResponse,par amet er s: {name:
$F(‘ t xt Name’ )}});}f unct i onshowResponse( xhr ) {$( ‘ cont ent
‘ ) . i nner HTML= xhr . r esponseText ;}years oiLrjitkf ship7.
Ajax ToolkitsT ng update n dungnewAj ax. Updat er ( 1pr oduct s 1
,f / some_ur l ! ,{met hod: 1get 1,i nser t i on: I nser t i on.
Top}) ;newAjax. Per i odi cal Updat er ( 1pr oduct s 1,1/ some_ur l
1 ,{met hod: 1get 1,i nser t i on: I nser t i on. Top,f req u en cy
:If decay: 2});8. Vn v thch thc vi ng dng AjaxAjax Trng thi ng dng
Ajax thay i, nhng URL th khng Lch s trnh duyt, cc dng Navigation
(TAB, TREE) Cc bc trong mt tin trnh Ngi s dng Confused vi nt Undo
Ti u ha Engine tm kim kh Bookmark trang web vn mg xem hin
tiCOMPUTEREDUCATI ONwww. aiti-aptech. edu.vnAPTECHTM Sch Ajax Ajax
in Action (Manning) HeadFirst Ajax (HeadFirst) Ajax Patterns and
Best Practices (Apress) Lin kt Webwww.aiaxian.com
http://www.aiaxlessons.com/ http://aiax.phpmagazine.net/
http://aiaxworld.com/Lin kt Webhttp://developer.vahoo.com/
http://code.google.com/apis/aiax/ http://aiaxpatterns.org/
http://www.aiaxmatters.com/ Link mt s th vin ph
binhttp://prototypeis.orghttp://iauerv.com Ni dung hi
tho:http://aptechvn. wordpress.com/ytan odLadenhlp* J 1 r .>
________ A 1 1 ______ 1 1 78. Gii thu cc t nguyn tham kho_ wyears
oi LeadershipDemo Ajax with PrototypeAPTECHCOMPUTEREDUCATI ONwww.
aiti-aptech. edu.vnyean Leadership